A new hyperspectral radiometer integrated in automated networks of water and land bidirectional reflectance measurements for satellite validation

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- Job offer: Research Engineer position

Research Engineer position in autonomous optical measurements and data processing  at LOV –Villefranche sur-Mer (France)

Starting: September 2021

See French and  English advertisment in the PDF below


- 13.04.2021: Update of our HYPERNETS brochure


- 01.09.2018: HYPERNETS brochure printed and distributed



- Monocle Webinar: Optical monitoring of the aquatic environment: future challenges and opportunities

Leading scientists from the H2020-MONOCLE and H2020-HYPERNETS projects shared their plans for sensor innovation to bridge existing gaps between satellite observation and in situ measurements.  The entire webinar recording is available through the Monocle Webinar webpage or get direct access to the HYPERNETS presentation by K. Ruddick through the following youtube link (channel starts at 29:44)

- 17.04.2018: HYPERNETS in the news of the University of TARTU

Tartu Observatory develops new instruments for global remote sensing network

- 15.03.2018: HYPERNETS presentation @ the S3VT Meeting

Fourth S3VT Meeting @ EUMETSAT , Darmstadt, Germany, on 13-15 March 2018. Hypernets presented by K. Ruddick (RBINS) THU-1100-OC-RUDDICK-HYPERNETS@S3VT_FINAL_WEB.pdf

- 01.02.2018-02.02.2018 : Kick-Off Meeting held in Frascati, Italy